Turning 65 and confused

Turning 65 and Confused

This is a video we put together for people who are just starting Medicare.  If you are in the situation, you likely have been getting bombarded with junk mail, phone calls, emails, etc.  Each one is tell you how great they are and why you should pick them.  What are you supposed to do.  

Wish you had someone to help you understand it... all in simple terms?  The video below is for you.

In this video, we go through all that you need to know about your options with Medicare.  We will show you why some plans might not be a good options for you and why others will give you "peace of mind."  So just take a few minutes to watch our video.  If you want to learn more afterwards, contact us by email or the phone number below.  If we are busy, please leave your name and information and we'll be back with you as soon as possible.  

Just give us a call at 888-729-9364.  We are here to help.

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