About Us

If you are turning 65 or have been on Medicare for several years, it all can be confusing. Being new, you have likely been hit by the tidal wave of mailers, phone calls, tv ads, etc.  All of them are shouting that their plan is the best for you. Having clients experience it was a turning point for both Kent and Rusty.

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Rusty and Kent met by chance and each realized the other had the same passion for helping clients find coverage that fit their situation. Each was amazed to find the number of agents who put their own interests before a client’s interest. Both had been in the insurance business long enough to know that helping clients find the best plans for them and not what made the agent the most money was the long term road to success. It allowed both to sleep good at night knowing they help clients find the best plans for the client.  If that meant they didn't earn as much, they know that what goes around comes around.  It's proven itself over and over again with the referrals from satisfied clients over the years.

By merging their agencies, Kent and Rusty could offer better service and value to their combined clients.  Click on the names below for a brief bio on both...