Why should I use a Medicare Broker?

Why Us

Don’t drown in the confusing world of Medicare. It’s like an alphabet soup of Plans, Parts, A this, B that, Drugs, Plan F, deductibles, drug formularies, premiums, etc. There is no best medicare company or plan. Your situation is what determines what plan or company makes the most sense for you. We are here to help educate you on those options.

Our service is of no cost to you – We are compensated by the plan you decide to enroll with. We represent all the major carriers and offer unbiased information and education to you to help you find the plan that fits your situation. We represent so many plans, because we know there is not a one size fits all. Different people have different situations which may result in one plan making more sense for that individual.

Independent Brokerage – We are a senior services brokerage firm. We specialize in the senior market with an emphasis on Medicare Supplement policies. We take great pride in being independent. This allows us to work for you; therefore we have no ties to any of the companies we contract thru. This means we can select the best plan for you based on your needs, and not the needs of some big insurance company. We also know plans change, and by representing multiple plans, we will be the first to call you about another plan that makes more sense. It’s in our best interest to keep you happy.

We help with Part D – Many medicare specialist refuse to help with Part D selection. While we do not sell Part D coverage, we help our client select a plan that best suits their needs. Part D is the most confusing insurance on the market, as our client, we help you with that each year.

Ongoing Communication – We share information with you regarding your current insurance plan and offer ideas and tips to help you save in other areas. We also provide valuable information that will make you a more knowledgeable consumer. We also share what’s going on in our life. With small kids, we have plenty of stories that will make you chuckle.

Annual review – Plan premiums change each year, so we look out for you each year with our annual review. We compare your current rate with other carriers in the market. If we find a better plan for you after 2 years, we will tell you about it and help move you to that company. We try hard to get you the best coverage for your premium dollar. It’s vital when you are on a fixed income.

Our clients are our friends – You are more than a number to us! We care a great deal about our clients. They are the life blood of our business. We feel they are more friends than clients and hope they feel the same way about us. Whether you are 7 states away or in our “back yard,” we strive to give you the same friendly and knowledgeable service.

Easy to reach - You can reach us via info@mymedigapconsultant.com or 888-729-9364. Nights or weekends, we are available.

Medicare Made Easy - Expert Guidance, No Cost!

We simplify Medicare for you at no cost. As independent brokers, we offer unbiased advice and ongoing support to ensure you get the best coverage.