Medigap Plan G vs Medicare Advantage Plan

We are often asked if medicare supplement (medigap) plans and medicare advantage (MA) plans Comparing Apples to Orangesare the same.  Many of our clients are quite confused about these two and often mix the features and benefits of each.  Let’s start by stating that medigap plans and medicare advantage plans are NOT the same.  We are definitely talking about apples and oranges here.  If anyone tells you they are the same, run as fast and as far as you can from them!


Medicare Advantage

Plan (Part C)

Medicare Supplement

Plan G (Medigap)

How it works with Medicare Part A and Part B

REPLACES Part A and Part B, but you still pay for Part B

Works WITH Part A and Part B

What doctors, specialists, or hospitals can I use?

You have to use the doctors they say you can use

Freedom to go anywhere that Medicare is accepted

Drug Coverage

Often Included

You purchase a separate drug plan

Hospital Stay Costs

You pay up to $300/day for first 6 days

You pay the annual Part B deductible, currently $198 per year (2020) for Medicare approved claims

That is it... No More Medical Bills

Doctor Visits

You pay various copays and co-insurance

Tests and Outpatient

You pay various copays and co-insurance

Physical Therapy

$30+ copays per visit

Medicines Administered at Dr's Office

You pay 20%


You pay 20%

Costs for Heart Attack, Stroke, or Cancer

Hospital stay could be $2,000+ for first 6 days with add'l costs

Annual Maximum Out of Pocket Exposure (max what you could pay)

HMO - up to $6,700+ In Network
PPO - up to $10,000 Out of Network

Although this an attempt to compare medigap plan G with a medicare advantage plan, we typically do not favor medicare advantage plans due to the many moving variables that make up a MA plan.  We like to look past this comparison and discuss how a health issue can affect each plan type over the long term.  In our experience Medicare advantage plans expose clients to much higher out of pocket expenses over time.  We have many referrals who come to us on Medicare Advantage plans who are desperately trying to get off of these plans.  If you want to talk about the plan comparisons in more detail, just reach out to us via phone or our contact form on this webpage.  

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