Comparing Plan F and Plan G

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Comparing Plan F and Plan G

Every year insurance carriers that offer medicare supplements have rate increases. These increase may be as little as $5 to over $30 more per month. I don't have to tell you that when you are on a fixed income every little bit that you can save is worth looking into.

Most seniors that have a supplemental policy don't really understand that they may have other options. With a Medigap policy you can change your carrier anytime that you want! Did you recently get a rate increase? Maybe it's time to look at other carriers? The only catch is that you will have to answer health questions so some may be able to change and some will not be able to change.

So What's The Difference Between Plan F and Plan G

Many seniors have never heard of Plan G and are very skeptical about it's benefits.  First let's talk about the only difference between the most Popular Plan F and Plan G.  

Plan F covers your Medicare Part B deductible ($166 per year for 2016).  

Plan G does NOT cover the Part B deductible, however the Plan G is often $200 less per year in annual premiums.  So with Plan F, you are paying a company $350+ more in premiums for them to cover your $166 Part B deductible.  

Doesn't sound like a good deal does it?  It doesn't to us.

Here's the kicker, once you have paid the Part B deductible ($166 for 2016), your Plan G will work just like your Plan F for the rest of the year!  With Plan G, you get to keep the savings in your pocket.

Difference Between G and F

With Plan G You Pay

$ 166 2016 Part B Deductible

How Much Less Plan G Can Be!

Annual Savings

$ 350 + Save by switching to Plan G

G is for GREAT!

If you could find a plan that saves you $350+ per year and gives you the same or similar benefits; don't you think it would be a good idea to look into it? Most agents and call centers push Plan F because it covers 100% of what Medicare doesn't (of Medicare approved claims).  Often agents don't take the time to review the benefits of considering other plans.  Seniors are often led to believe that they must have Plan F and that it is their best option. We don't advocate Plan F because we feel that Plan G is the better value for our clients. Plan G covers everything Plan F covers with the exception of your Part B annual deductible. Your premium savings alone will more than cover this $166 deductible making the choice very easy.

Saving Money with Plan G


Cost of Plan F

Cost of Plan G

Annual Premium

$130 x 12 months = $1560

$98 x 12 months = $1176

Part B deductible (2016 - $166)

Covered by Plan F​

You pay the $166 each year

Total Costs to You


$1176 + $166 = $1342/year



$218 savings per year​

Rates are based on 2016, NC zip code, Female, non smoker, age 70.

Bottom line is if you are on Plan F you ARE PAYING TOO MUCH. So why pay more per year in premiums than you need to for the exact same coverage?

To find out if you qualify just click on the get started button on this page. We'll compare the differences for you.  It will only take a couple of minutes and we offer ZERO pressure....we can either save you money or we can't! If we can help, great! If we cannot help, we can simply part as friends.  We hope that sounds fair enough.

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