Comparing Companies

Once you have decided on a particular Medicare plan type, its time to start comparing the over 30 different companies that offer medicare plans.  Most clients have no interest in calling each company for their specific prices.  Who has hours to waste calling around?  This is where we can simplify that process for you.  As independent brokers, we have the freedom to contract with a number of companies.  We do the research to find the companies who are financially strong and offer the best rates in each state.  We can give you an unbiased opinion of all your options.

In most cases, we prefer to speak with you over the phone about the coverage options in the quotes we provide.  Having a conversation with you is the easiest way to narrow down what plans and companies which will work for you.  It also allows us to answer any questions you might have about a company’s customer service, premium history, underwriting process, etc.

If you would like to see an example of what we send to clients, feel free to click here to see what a quote from us looks like – My Medigap Consultant Quote.  We send our quote to you in email format for review.

If you would like us to simply email you quotes to review, just complete our form on the right of this page and include “just quotes please” in the “additional info” field.  We will send you quotes based on the information you included.  Please provide as accurate information (email, date of birth, zip code, etc) as you can.  Inaccurate information will only lead to inaccurate quotes.

Understand that we will not pressure you into working with us, but we hope that our efforts will win you over as our client.  By offering the most competitive plans, we know that no other agent/broker can offer you a better deal.  Yes, it does mean we don’t make as much income by offering a more expensive plan, but we know through our experiences that long term, it leads to happier clients and more referrals of friends and family.  We hope that sounds fair enough!

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We simplify Medicare for you at no cost. As independent brokers, we offer unbiased advice and ongoing support to ensure you get the best coverage.